Log buffer #560: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

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Feb 28, 2019

This Log Buffer Edition covers Cloud, Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL. Cloud: This blog shows you how to automatically refresh the container instances in an active Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) cluster with instances built from a newly released AMI. As AWS product portfolios and feature sets grow, as an enterprise customer, you are likely to migrate your existing workloads and innovate your new products on AWS. This blog provides an alternate solution to Visualizing Amazon GuardDuty Findings, in which the authors describe how to build an Amazon Elasticsearch Service-powered Kibana dashboard to ingest and visualize Amazon GuardDuty findings. Most IoT solutions, including Azure IoT reference architecture, use several different services. An IoT message, starting from the device, could flow through a dozen or more services before it is stored or visualized. Video Indexer is designed to extract deep insights from video and audio files offline in order to analyze a given media file already created in advance. Oracle: Navigation is critical to any business application. Classic used breadcrumbs for navigation. Whilst OIC is not a traditional development environment, once you get past simple integration development, you’re going to want to start implementing some configuration management controls and release promotion mechanisms. Ever wondered how to intercept ADF table column show/hide event from ADF Panel Collection component? Yes, you could use ADF MDS functionality to store user preference for table visible columns. But what if you would want to implement it yourself without using MDS? In machine learning, your model is only ever as good as the data you train it on. As such, a significant proportion of your efforts should be focused on creating a dataset that is optimized to maximize the information density of your data. Feature engineering and selection are the methods used for achieving this goal. Every new Oracle release comes with a bundle of new features and enhancements. Though not every new feature is really needed for everyone, there are few new features that worth considering. As part of 19c new features article series, this post is about the new features introduced in Grid Infrastructure. SQL Server: This post covers the new feature Static Data Masking in SQL Server that allows you to create a backup of your database and mask sensitive data during the backup process. Bootstrap 4 functionality makes it easy for developers to make web forms better and more intuitive for the user. Pinal discusses when customers have too many indexes on the column. The Database Migration Team of the SQL Server Product Group has created the following tools and services to facilitate migration between different versions of SQL Server or between on-premises and SQL Azure DB in the cloud. Reference data is a dataset that is static or slow changing in nature which you can correlate with real-time data streams to augment the data. Azure Stream Analytics leverages versioning of reference data to augment streaming data by the reference data that was valid at the time the event was generated. MySQL: MySQL 8.0.15 performs worse in sysbench oltp_read_write than MySQL 5.7.25 Using Galera cluster is a great way of building a highly available environment for MySQL or MariaDB. It is a shared-nothing cluster environment which can be scaled even beyond 12-15 nodes. ProxySQL is currently the only open source proxy for MySQL and MariaDB that is driven by the community. It is the default proxy for Percona Xtradb Cluster and it also works perfectly with asynchronous replication. This blog teaches you how to install and improve the security of MySQL on Ubuntu 18.04. MySQL is one of the most popular and widely-used open source relational database management systems. It is used for building web applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento, and is an important part of the LAMP/LEMP. Allowing users to log in to your app is one of the most common features you'll add to a web app you build. This article will cover how to add simple authentication to your Flask app. The main package we will use to accomplish this is Flask Login.

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