Oracle E-Business Suite and 12cR1 database in Extended support - What to do?

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Oct 30, 2019

If you are one of the folks who have already upgraded the production E-Business Suite database to 19c Certified, then you are a superhero and this post is not for you. The majority of us are still running the good old database release. Premier support for 12cR1 Database ended in July 2018, with a free extended support waiver until July 2019. For E-Business Suite customers, having 12cR2 and 18c certification skipped and 19c certification just released a few months back, the free waiver got extended several times, and now it's set until December 2020. Oracle has just released October 2019 critical patch updates. And the significant surprise now is that we can't access any database release related to PSUs or ProactiveBP. We only see a beautiful "you do not have privileges to download Software Extended Support patches" message in My Oracle Support patch download page. Password protected patches are history now. Let's meet the new control mechanism in My Oracle Support by Oracle. We have tried to create a service request and request for the patch media (the old way) - no luck! Support engineers were not able to help us. We have tried to create a non-technical service request with the licensing team - no luck! They were not able to help us. But they provided a MOS note reference - Whom to Contact for Questions Regarding Support Identifiers (SI), Contracts and/or Licenses for Oracle Products? (Doc ID 1413758.1). Local Sales have to be contacted! You should tell them you need an exception for the extended support for 12cR1 Database with E-Business Suite. And Sales only has to add a $0 Extended Support line on the contract (CSI) so you would be able to access and download new patch bundles released until December 2020. I, personally, have many questions for Oracle why all CSIs having licensed E-Business Suite lines were not updated with this automatically!!! But this is how it is. So please ensure the people responsible for your account contact Oracle Sales and get this flag added. Or start the 19c upgrade!

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