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Oracle EBS R12.2: Restarting online patching enablement patch

If you are in process of upgrading to Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.4, you would have went though this critical phase in the upgrade which is to apply the Online Patching Enablement patch: 13543062:R12.AD.C. It's very common to run into errors with this patch in the first try and have to apply it couple of times, in order to get all issues fixed and get online patching enabled. The recommended command to apply this patch is: adpatch options=hotpatch,forceapply When the time comes to re-apply the patch to fix problems, if you use the same command to reapply the patch, you will notice that the patch completed normal with in no time and nothing happens in the back end. This is because of a specific feature from Adpatch. ADPATCH by default skips jobs that are marked as "run successfully" in previous runs or as part of another patch. So we have to force it re-run those jobs. This can be done by using command below: adpatch options=hotpatch,forceapply,nocheckfile Sometimes we run into cases where Online Patching Enablement patch completes as "normal" and the actual online patching feature gets enabled where we see that a schema or two have failed to enable the EBR feature. As soon as APPS schema gets EBR enabled by this patch, even though other custom schemas failed to get enabled, Adpatch gets disabled and we are forced to adop utility from then on. In this scenario, we can still re-apply the Online Patch Enablement using Adpatch after setting the environment variable below: export ENABLE_ADPATCH=YES I see that online patching enablement exercise for every customer is a unique experience. Do post your experiences with this online patching enablement patch in the comments section. I'd love to hear your story!

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