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Pythian Announces Support for AWS Outposts As A Launch Partner

Today at AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services (AWS)’s most important tech conference of the year, AWS Outposts was announced . As Amazon says in its release notes, "AWS Outposts is a natural extension of AWS cloud services towards on-premises and bringing so loved AWS services (not all of them though) , infrastructure components and tools closer to a customer creating a true hybrid cloud." Yes, AWS Outposts is fully managed and controlled by the AWS hardware node. It basically creates an attachment to the customer’s availability zone of an extension that is physically located at the customer site but virtually plugged directly into the AWS ecosystem. Pythian was identified as one of the AWS Migration Competency partners recognized for deep migration expertise, and a history of successful implementations of AWS as a public cloud, offering services to help organizations implement a hybrid cloud approach in a native AWS way. AWS Outposts enables customers to get a true feel of AWS services while keeping customer data under control. Customers now can reach the AWS platform as their locally available resource and create new types of applications that will leverage the hybrid cloud approach. The market has a long-standing demand from customers who love public cloud services but cannot use them. Amazon now has an answer to this. It is AWS Outposts.

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