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Aug 30, 2022

It’s okay if you’re not a Google Workspace expert—with the right support, you don’t need to be. Whether you’re down team members or looking to power up your Google Workspace initiatives, Pythian can help. With personalized support and training, regular check-ins and lightning-quick response times, you’ll stay ahead of the curve while leveraging your productivity and collaboration capabilities to the fullest.


And to help get you started, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite features that can make Google Workspace work better for you:


Navigating your inbox is a lot easier when you personalize key features in Gmail. If you schedule ‘send,’ for example, you can capture great ideas in the moment (say, late at night or on the weekend), but deliver it to recipients at the appropriate time. You can also snooze messages in your account, so they come back at a specified time when you can give them your full attention. Another great time saver is nudge, which you can personalize in settings so Gmail will give you a nudge for content that may need your attention.


Google Calendar

Tools built into Google Calendar can help you take control of peak productivity times and power up your work day. A feature called Focus Time allows you to create a customized work block in your calendar so you won’t be interrupted. Another useful feature is the ability to add attachments to meetings or events in your calendar, so attendees have access when they get the invite and during the meeting.


Google Docs

Collaboration is made easy in Google Docs. You can highlight text or imagery, tag relevant parties and assign tasks to users to grab their attention and get tasks done. For an at-a-glance view, the activity dashboard gives you a snapshot of viewership, comment history, sharing history and trends—all with one click.



Google Drive

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find the files you need even faster or see progress on a collaborative project without a long status meeting? You can find files faster using the advanced search icon in the search bar, which allows you to search by file type, date, ownership and more. For a top-level view, click on the ‘i’ icon to search and find where files are kept in folders and who’s been viewing and editing those files.



Google Forms

You can create surveys and quizzes with ease in Google Forms, whether you’re starting from scratch or using one of the many templates available. When you access a template, you can change titles and descriptions, add questions and even pull in section segmenting. Clicking on the ‘i’ icon allows you to preview the form and run a test before sending. Once it’s sent via email, chat or Meet, the Responses tab provides a summary rollup view that can be narrowed down by individual or question type.



Google Meet

Within Google Meet you can create an inclusive environment for your audience with built-in features like a brainstorming board. The Activities icon provides a whiteboarding capability called Jamboard that makes work feel like play. You can use previously used jams or create a new one. And, if you’re looking to share a video and its audio in a meeting, you can use the ‘Present Now’ icon and select the ‘Present a Single Tab’, which will give you the best video or animation experience.



Google Spaces

If you’re working on a long-term project that involves team building, Google Spaces can help. This centralized hub brings together teammates around a topic or project, making collaboration easy. Click on Spaces in Gmail to get started—you can search and join a space or create a new space and add in your teammates. From there, you can engage with your team through chat, review files and assign team tasks to help move the project forward.




With more than a decade of Google Workspace administration and engineering expertise, Pythian has worked with hundreds of organizations to incorporate best practices and security into their Google Workspace environment—and will do the same for your organization. 

Ready to see how we can help? Talk to a Pythian Google Workspace Expert today.


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