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Pythian migrates company’s global assets to GCP without downtime

Many businesses migrate to the cloud to take advantage of cost savings and improved agility. Optiva, a Canada-based company that develops software for communications service providers, recently migrated to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with help from Pythian’s team of experts. Since the migration, Optiva has seen the following benefits:
  • reduced its data center costs from $15 million to $1.5 million
  • consolidated its remaining physical servers from 10 data centers to one
  • reduced four support ticket management systems to one
  • uses only seven operating systems instead of 50
  • has four remote desktop protocol (RDP) systems instead of 120
  • pays only for resources used instead of always-on servers
  • deploys workloads to larger GCP data centers which are billed at lower rates
While Optiva now has a solid foundation from which to take full advantage of the cost savings and other benefits of the GCP, reaching that goal was challenging. As the company had grown and acquired other companies, it acquired 3,500 outdated machines running more than 50 operating systems in 10 data centers around the world, greatly complicating a move to the cloud. Facing this complex prospect, Optiva asked Google for help, who referred Optiva to several different Google partners. Optiva chose Pythian because of Pythian’s deep relationship with Google as well as its automation-based migration approach which includes multiple accountability checkpoints. Optiva had a strict six-month deadline for the move. The cloud migration was successfully completed on schedule without extended downtime, allowing the company to quickly reduce costs and improve its agility. Because the company is less reliant on third-party hardware, it can also reduce its total cost of ownership (TCO), accelerate its refresh cycles and greatly simplify the IT team’s tasks. Find out how Pythian accomplished this migration by watching the webinar from Google Next or reading the full case study.

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