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Unlocking PostgreSQL’s Full Potential: Pythian’s Upcoming Webinar

SM Image -  The Power of PostgreSQL  - 01-1Introduction

Is your organization ready to harness the full power of PostgreSQL for your enterprise? Join us on December 7th for an insightful webinar hosted by Pythian’s team of Postgres experts and FYI Doc's CTO, Alan McLeod. If you’re looking to drive your business forward with cost savings and seamless scalability through PostgreSQL you won’t want to miss it.

But why PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL has been a game-changer for enterprises seeking robust, open-source database solutions. With origins dating back to 1986 and its first release in 1997, it has evolved into a top-tier database system. 

According to the DB-Engines Ranking 2023, PostgreSQL proudly stands in fourth place, and the StackOverflow survey of 2023 named it the most used database worldwide. Its strengths lie in its free and open-source nature, ACID and SQL compliance, mature enterprise-grade features, and a vibrant community that supports innovation through extensions like Pgvector for Generative AI, TimescaleDB for time series data, Citus for sharding, and PostGIS for spatial data.

The Power of PostgreSQL webinar

Our upcoming webinar—The Power of PostgreSQL—will delve into the state of the market, discussing who's embracing PostgreSQL and why. We’ll explore top trends and common challenges faced by modern enterprises using PostgreSQL. Our database experts will cover everything from how PostgreSQL saves operational costs to when, why, and how to transform your data with the use of PostgreSQL, including the common performance challenges we see and help our customers solve!

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Featured speakers

We’re excited to share that Nelson Calero, Principal Database Consultant at Pythian, an Oracle ACE and PostgreSQL specialist, will be leading our discussion on all things PostgreSQL. Joining him will be Alan McLeod, Chief Technology Officer at FYI Docs, who will share their success story of leveraging PostgreSQL to enhance performance and reduce cloud costs.

Customer spotlight: FYI Docs

During the webinar, we’ll shine a light on FYI Docs’ journey with PostgreSQL. As a leading accounting solutions technology company based in Adelaide, Australia, FYI Docs faced challenges with rising data volumes that led to decreased PostgreSQL performance and increased cloud costs. 

Pythian conducted a robust Database Health Check to help FYI Docs not only resolve their PostgreSQL performance issues but also optimise their Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud spend.

Read the full Customer Success Story here 

Join our webinar to hear from FYI Docs CTO, Alan McLeod and why they turned to Pythian, and how our PostgreSQL expertise helped support their business goals.

Ask our PostgreSQL Experts Anything! 

We understand that every enterprise has unique challenges. That’s why we’ve included an interactive Q&A session where our PostgreSQL experts can answer your most pressing questions.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry leaders and take your enterprise’s data management capabilities to new heights. Register now for "The Power of PostgreSQL" webinar on December 7th at 3 PM EST | 12 PM PST.

Whether you’re evaluating PostgreSQL for your organization or looking to boost your current setup’s performance, we’ve designed this webinar to provide valuable insights that will help you make informed decisions. From cost savings to scalability, get ready to transform your enterprise's success with Pythian’s expert guidance on PostgreSQL.

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