Your 6-Step Overview of SAP Transformation Navigator

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Jun 6, 2023

SAP Transformation Navigator is a free self-service tool provided by SAP that helps clarify and guide you on your digital path to an intelligent enterprise. By providing some information about your current SAP Landscape, you can generate a detailed guide that includes your business strategy, AS-IS Landscape specifics, industry trends, and personalized recommendations for your transformation strategy.

SAP Transformation Navigator access is part of your maintenance subscription and can be accessed with your SAP Support ID (S-User).

Initial information and links to launch SAP Transformation Navigator can be found at SAP Support Portal -> Tools -> Upgrade & Transformation Tools -> SAP Transformation Navigator 

SAP Transformation Navigator offers customized advice on product recommendations tailored to your current situation and future business needs. You can access this information through downloadable PDF guides and corresponding spreadsheets.

To create a product map with clear recommendations and define your transformation strategy, you can follow this 6-step procedure to help you derive numerous business benefits.

Your 6-Step Transformation Guide

1. Transform Landscape

Transform your system landscape depending on the products you are currently using. You can start creating the product map with:

  1. Use quick start (recommended) – Prefill data through live system usage information
  2. start from a scratch 
  3. Start with an industry template

To proceed, you may choose the products that you’re currently utilizing and include them in the dashboard. This selection will aid in obtaining suggestions, recognizing old products, and emphasizing transformation products.

2. Extend Business

The second step is to extend your business process change and explore the SAP solutions supporting those changes.

You can use this step to replace third-party or in-house product\system with SAP software. Here you can select new business processes and explore the products offered by SAP to meet these requirements.

3. Review Benefits

In this step, you can review the benefits by assessing the value drivers assigned to your selected products. This will help you with your business case calculations with the help of SAP Value Lifecycle Manager.

4. Set Priorities

The fourth step of the process is the feasibility of prioritizing different transition projects.

5. Download Documents

In the fifth step, guides are generated based on your previous selections and settings to help you with your transformation. There are three types of guides:

  1. Business guide – Provides information about Industry trends, challenges, and why you should engage in the transformation.  
  2. Technical guide – Provides information about the coverage of your product map, Products involved, transition paths, and related documentation or tools.
  3. Transformation guide – Provides information about relevant services, licenses, SAP Partners, and the method of engagement.

A spreadsheet is generated with the information about – product map selections, recommendations, licensing, and transitions guide in the listed format.

6. Share and Collaborate

You can share the product map with your colleagues to review or work together on tuning. You can share your product map with SAP representatives for specific answers about recommendations or other questions on the results generated.

As per statistics provided by SAP, Transformation Navigator has helped SAP customers from different industries, and nearly 100,000 product maps have been generated over the past four years.

If you plan to transform your business soon or want insight into different product recommendations from SAP, this free self-service tool can be very useful.


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