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Cassandra Database Services

Whether you require a remote team of Cassandra DBAs, need to solve an immediate performance issue, or want to migrate to Cassandra, Pythian is the right partner!

Tap into the world’s top Cassandra Database talent.


Our Cassandra Database Services

Pythian’s Cassandra database experts have been helping our customers solve their toughest database challenges for over 10 years!

Permanently solve your performance issues

Our Cassandra database experts are here to help you find the root cause of your performance issues and permanently resolve them. Whatever Cassandra performance issues you’re experiencing, our teams have experience solving them.

24/7 remote Cassandra DBA support, 365 days of the year

Cassandra DBAs are costly and hard to find. Tap into our robust team of Cassandra database experts to manage your systems, while saving on operational costs! We provide round-the-clock support.

Migrate to Cassandra with confidence

Our database experts are here to help you identify the best technologies for your business based on your business needs. We have proven success migrating customers from MongoDB, HBase, and Hadoop to Cassandra.


Solve your Cassandra Database Performance Issues

Pythian can help you solve your immediate Cassandra performance issues—whether it be clusters, read latencies, Tombstones, or node recovery times. 

Pythian is here to help you find the root cause of your performance issues, strengthen security, and assist with version upgrades.

Remote Cassandra DBA support

Partner with Pythian for round-the-clock Cassandra database support. Our team will manage, monitor, and optimize your data systems.

Pythian has helped our customers reduce operational data costs by up to 60%.


Migrate to Cassandra with confidence.

Cassandra is best known for its scalability. It’s no wonder why businesses such as Facebook, Netflix, Reddit, Spotify, and eBay use Cassandra.

Want to know if it’s the right choice for your business? Our Cassandra database experts will conduct an assessment and work with key stakeholders to help you decide if migrating to Cassandra is the right choice for your business.

Customer Testimonials

Hear what our customers have to say about our Cassandra Database Services.

“Pythian is an excellent Database Partner, especially for Cassandra. 

Their knowledge in Cassandra architecture, administration, data modeling, and performance tuning have helped us manage our clusters effectively.

I’ve been working with them directly and have really enjoyed our partnership with Pythian,”

Mohammad Aburadeh

PDF Solutions Inc.

“We brought in the Pythian Cassandra experts to help us resolve some very complex performance issues.

They worked extremely well with our in-house resources, customizing their support to fit our specific needs rather than forcing a pre-set process on our organization.

Their flexibility and broad skill set was beyond our expectations and we learned things about Cassandra and our own operations that will guide us in our future effort.”


Worldwide Media Outlet

SoundCloud used Pythian’s on-demand database support to unblock their internal tech teams.

SoundCloud’s engineering teams were capacity-strapped and couldn’t respond to their customers quickly.

Partner with Pythian for your Cassandra database needs.

Tap into our network of Cassandra database experts. Our teams will help you implement the database solutions your business needs.