Transat gains 360-degree view of customers for targeted marketing with Google Cloud

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Jun 27, 2023






United States

Transat, a leading integrated international tourism company specializing in leisure travel, needed a more thorough understanding of its customer data to accurately and efficiently target its marketing campaign efforts.

With limited capacity and an internal IT team with no Google Cloud expertise, they knew they needed a partner to help manage configuration and integrations between existing infrastructure.

What we did

Pythian completed a small-scope proof of concept (POC) for Transat that proved replicating data from their Microsoft SQL Server to Google BigQuery was achievable. During the POC, approximately 10 percent of their total data landscape was replicated successfully to BigQuery using a simple data ingestion pipeline.

Pythian also installed and configured Enterprise Data Platform (EDP) QuickStart for Google Cloud to integrate, clean, and organize Transat’s data into Google BigQuery and quickly make datasets available for marketing analytics reporting. Pythian also built a pipeline using Google Cloud Build to manage organizational policies, folder structure, audit log configuration, and access at the organization and folder level.


Technologies used

  • Google BigQuery
  • Google Cloud Composer
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Cloud Functions
  • Cloud SQL
  • Google Cloud Build
  • Dataflow
  • DataProc

Key Outcomes

Transat’s use of Pythian’s EDP QuickStart for Google Cloud allowed for the integration of data from different sources, showing quick value and allowing them to further expand and scale into a full EDP without data loss or slowdown.

  • Transat’s marketing team is benefiting from highly accurate targeting and marketing campaigns, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • BigQuery is now up-to-date, providing a 360-degree view of customer data for targeted campaigns.
  • Transat’s IT team can now ensure identity sync and federation configuration between Azure Active Directory and Google user accounts, resulting in identity management remediation.

"We’re now able to integrate data from different sources and centralize it in BigQuery to gain a 360-degree view of our customers. It’s helping our IT team better serve Transat’s marketing team—and that’s been a big win for us."

Aura Lucia Perez, Director, Solution, Transat

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