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Enterprises should care about GenAI because of the opportunities the technology opens their business up to - GenAI can serve as a catalyst for growth.

Capture the opportunity GenAI offers by drawing on the people, partnerships and suite of services that will streamline the path toward your desired future state.

What is Enterprise Generative AI (GenAI)?

There’s your standard, general application GenAI and then there’s Enterprise Generative AI - which we see as more complicated to implement correctly. The common variety of GenAI is artificial intelligence used to create new data. It might come in the form of text, music, video or images. It’s a platform that allows you to ask an interesting question and get an interesting result in return. It's a fun and powerful utility, but it's not for enterprise use. Conversely, Enterprise GenAI is using artificial intelligence to bridge creativity problems with technical solutions. In fact, it's a complex creative problem solved by a complicated technology solution. Creative problems are far too nuanced for generally applied solutions.

Why Should Enterprises Care About GenAI?

Well, for one, because most enterprises have complex creative problems they need to solve to achieve the success they are looking for. However, enterprises should also care about GenAI because of the opportunities the technology opens their business up to - GenAI can serve as a catalyst for growth. Most organizations are successful when they adopt new capabilities that drive excitement.

How Would a Business Use GenAI?

From creating new marketing collateral to helping the efficiency of sales teams to improving the impact of service delivery teams, and many, many more - GenAI has many applications for a variety of industries. For some organizations, the benefits may be internal facing. For others, GenAI may contribute directly to streamlining efforts with customers. Whatever the case may be, it’s almost certain that your organization will find a beneficial application for its own unique use case.

How Can Businesses Get Ready for GenAI?

Our team believes in a specific approach that needs to be tailored for your particular industry and data ecosystem - this is something Pythian has a large amount of experience supporting customers with. However, at the very least, organizations need to establish well-understood policies and processes for engaging with and applying GenAI platforms. What’s more, you need to educate your people on what GenAI is, what it could (should) be used for, and what are the potential risks (and the measures each team member can implement to protect the security of the organization’s data).

What is Pythian's Role in Helping Companies Get Ready?

Pythian brings subject matter experts that have successfully implemented these types of transformative technologies time and time again. This experience informs us on the pitfalls to look out for and how best to avoid them. Not only that - our SMEs know how to coach organizations through the inevitable change that needs to occur to facilitate the realization of business goals. Bottomline, Pythian brings the people, partnerships and suite of services to understand the key complexities of a challenge and uncover the opportunity to not only solve any barriers to success, but also streamline the path toward that desired future state.

What’s the Risk in Ignoring GenAI?

The answer is simple and one that we all already know - those who innovate gain a competitive advantage. So, those who choose to ignore the next wave in technology are destined to come up against competition they cannot best when attempting to secure that next big deal or customer.

What is Google's GenAI Strategy?

Google’s strategy around GenAI is focused on continuously developing technologies and solutions that organizations can apply within their ecosystems that will promote more efficient applications of data. Given that this space is in a constant state of evolution, Google will also look to quickly adapt its technologies to empower its customers in the methods of application that continue to emerge.

What Opportunities Exist Because of GenAI?

One word - endless. GenAI will certainly optimize traditional business practices in the near term. However, there’s no telling where GenAI will be able to take our businesses as we continue to imagine creative ways of applying the technology. This is yet another reason why staying as prepared and educated as can be reasonably expected is so important - you need to be ready for that next advancement that’s just around the corner.

What is the Nature of Pythian and Google’s Relationship as it Relates to GenAI?

It’s an amalgamation that sees decades of technology and algorithm development and application with decades of expertise and experience delivering complex business use cases and solutions. This combination accelerates your implementation of key technologies so you can cut through the churn and get to return on investment and value. With an innovative technology like GenAI, having a powerful combo like Pythian and Google is imperative to realizing your goals quickly and sustainably.

GenAI - What Does Pythian Bring to the Table?

Pythian brings over a quarter century of experience in all things data. Our experts understand the source and knowledge bases for a variety of industries. Leveraging the toolsets of Google AI, we create new value and new interactions for our customers - revitalizing your efforts efficiently toward strategic initiatives that show the value you seek.

How Do You Measure Outcomes in GenAI?

We see two ways you can measure outcomes that come from GenAI. The first is by evaluating the monetization of your organization’s products/services that can be achieved through the use of GenAI. The second is the efficiencies you can build within your organization that make your teams more effective, more impactful and more empowered to execute successfully on given tasks. By implementing GenAI and gauging the performance outcomes both inside and outside your organization, you should be able to measure a discernible difference.

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