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Pythian is a global IT services company that specializes in designing, implementing, and managing systems that directly contribute to revenue and business success. We help companies adopt disruptive technologies to advance innovation and increase agility. Our highly skilled technical teams work as an integrated extension of our clients’ organizations to deliver continuous transformation and uninterrupted operational excellence using our expertise in cloud, DevOps, big data infrastructure, advanced analytics, infrastructure management, and databases.


Partnering with Pythian guarantees your customers’ valuable data is in good hands.

The industry’s leading technology companies—independent software vendors, value-added resellers, hosting providers, and consultancies—partner with Pythian to accelerate their sales cycles, add unbiased third-party credibility to their offerings, strengthen their value proposition, and create a turnkey services practice. For more information on our Partner Program, please contact: or call +1-613-565-8696 x1208.

Arjen Visser
CEO & CTO Dbvisit Software Limited

Pythian is not only recognized as one of the worldwide experts and professionals in databases, they are also the most passionate people when it comes to sharing this information with the database community around the world. We know the Pythian people well through this community and are privileged to be partnering with Pythian to deliver first-class implementation and services capability around our database products.quotation marks


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Pythia Program

The Pythia program is about finding, retaining and advancing the top female minds in tech to increase the diversity of our talent base. Pythian is introducing a new glass ceiling metric called the “Pythia Index”.   

Inspired by Microsoft, Twitter, and Google, Pythian is the first technology company headquartered in Canada to announce its gender stats: 24 percent of Pythian employees are women, 35 percent of the company’s executive leadership team are women, 27 percent of managers are women, and only 9 percent of technical roles at Pythian are held by women.


“The Pythia program is central to how we realize the best possible talent mix. By acknowledging and strengthening our deliberate talent blending practices, we hope not only to garner interest from potential employees, but to encourage other businesses to set similar diversity goals. This is not just good corporate social responsibility. It’s good for business. And it’s good for the technology sector.”

– Paul Vallee, CEO Pythian and Pythia Program Executive Sponsor


The Pythia Program focuses on:

  • Increasing the percentage of talented women who work and thrive at Pythian, especially in tech roles
  • Encouraging and supporting the participation of girls and women in STEM fields to ensure a growing pipeline of talent

The Pythia Program is attracting and retaining top female talent because:

  • Pythian offers a female-friendly workplace with flexible hours, and work-from-home options
  • In-house role models and mentors actively offer ongoing support and encouragement
  • Pythian’s CEO, a self-identified feminist, leads the diversity charge
  • Our hiring practices support diversity with non-biased job descriptions and anonymized CVs and evaluations during hiring
  • We invest in ongoing education to eliminate unconscious bias in our practices.


We know that increasing the pipeline of technical women in tech is critical to the long term success of our diversity program so we also provide financial support for programs such as Technovation and associations such WTC, both doing great work to support and encourage more women to enter and thrive in IT careers.

We also believe in metrics over rhetoric – we measure and track everything by gender – from number of female applicants through to advancement stats.

We’re serious about this program and it’s showing results. But we want more women to join our ranks. If you’re a woman in tech looking for a place where you’ll thrive, reach out to us. We want you.

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Pythia Index

While Pythian measures well known indicators of gender diversity such as % of women employees overall and % of women who hold management and leadership positions, we have also created and actively use an additional measure called the Pythia Index.

The Pythia Index is a representation of the degree of influence held by women leaders in an organization. It is a measure of the number of of employees who are themselves women leaders or who have in their upward reporting line at least one woman leader – as a percentage of total employees.

Unlike a simple measure such as % of leadership positions held by women, it recognizes that women leaders who have influence over larger numbers of employees are more influential than those who have smaller spheres of influence.

Pythian’s Pythia Index score is 56, reflecting that 56% of employees at Pythian are themselves women leaders or report up to a woman leaders somewhere in their reporting structure. This excludes the person at the top of the organization such as President and CEO. At Pythian, the founder of the company, Paul Vallée is also the CEO. Our goal is to increase our Pythia Index to a number close to 100.


1. Hiring more women increases the probability that management promoted from within will be women

2. Offering support in the form of mentors and encouraging sponsors to support up and coming women

3. Ensuring that any unconscious bias is eliminated from our practices around promoting women into leadership roles

4. Coaching team leaders whose Pythia Index is low or zero to actively recruit and promote for gender diversity

We are encouraging all tech firms to evaluate themselves on this diversity scale, and we have recruited WCT (Women in Communications and Technology) as the keeper of these stats for the entire industry so we can all benchmark ourselves against each other. Send you Pythian Index score and other diversity metrics to

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Community Involvement

Pythian’s Love Your Community program is proud to support the active community participation of our employees through our Volunteer Day and Employee Sponsorship programs. Our employees donate their time as coaches, mentors, volunteers, and board members by contributing to fundraising initiatives, and lending their skills and talent to local community and industry organizations. To recognize the importance of giving back to the community, Pythian grants employees one paid volunteer day per calendar year to participate in a community event with a charity or non-profit organization of their choice, and we sponsor individual and group participation in a variety of community-based events. The aim of this program is to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to helping our employees make their local communities safer, stronger, and better places to live and work.

In addition to supporting individual contributions to the community, Pythian also:

  • Supports a number of team-based community initiatives throughout the year.
  • Participates in the cooperative education programs of local colleges and universities by providing placements for students each semester.
  • Partners with the University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management’s Management Information Systems (MIS) Program. Since 2012, Pythian has provided scholarships and paid internships to four MIS students per year.
  • Sits on local councils. Pythian founder, Paul Vallee, forms part of Hire Immigrants Ottawa’s “Employer Council of Champions” (ECC), which features leading local employers who are committed to championing the issue of skilled immigrant employment.
  • Works with Hire Immigrants Ottawa and is a member of the Information Technology Sector Working Group. We work with a team of professionals attempting to tackle barriers and systemic challenges that employers face in their efforts to hire and integrate internationally trained professionals into the workplace.
  • Builds relationships and supports the services of organizations, such as World Skills (Ottawa Job Match Network), Ottawa Chinese Community Service Centre, the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization, and ITO.
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Ethical Labor Practices

Pythian is an equal opportunity employer. We hire global talent, and we focus on the expertise and experience a candidate brings, not where they gained it. We have always supported the inclusion of skilled immigrants in our talent pool. It allows us to engage and retain top industry talent and diversify our workforce (both culturally and technically). Pythian is proud to have employees in over 25 countries and in the Ottawa office alone, Pythian team members speak over 20 languages.

We provide generous annual leave to all Pythian employees, including vacation and sick leave. When employees welcome new additions to their family we provide them with extended parental vacation leave. We also provide generous bereavement leave for those employees dealing with the difficult loss of a family member.

Pythian recognizes that the continued success of our company is dependent on the knowledge, skills, experience, and expertise of our employees. Through our Learning & Development programs, employees have access to extensive learning opportunities both internally and externally.

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As a global organization, it is important that Pythian continues to minimize its environmental impact. Currently, Pythian employees use laptop computers (a typical laptop uses 20–90 watts, compared to 100–800 watts for desktops) and over 45% of Pythian employees telecommute 100% of the time.

Pythian encourages telecommuting by conducting, where possible, virtual meetings with colleagues and clients, through Google Connect, Skype, WebEx, etc. When possible, Pythian conducts meetings, employee Mash Ups, and on-boards employees from satellite offices to reduce emissions from traveling to headquarters.

We support international environmental awareness events, such as Earth Hour, and attempt to work with suppliers and vendors who are committed to sustainability.

James Gardiner
James Gardiner
SQL Server Database Consultant
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James Gardiner , SQL Server Database Consultant

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Everyday, we're working on solving these complex problems and if you get stuck, we have this network of people with skills and experience from across the globe. And that kind of environment is really great for sharing ideas and coming up with creative ways to solve issues. As someone who is new to the field, having that kind of support that fosters learning is really just invaluable.
Fahd Mirza
Fahd Mirza
Database Consultant, Oracle ACE
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Fahd Mirza , Database Consultant, Oracle ACE

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I am an Exadata consultant at Pythian. I love to enable our clients to love their data. I make their databases sing like never before, smoothly and flawlessly.


Pythian’s collaborative team environment means everyone works together to solve complex puzzles and develop innovative solutions for our clients. And they do it from the office or their home–anywhere in the world. Apply today and get started on an amazing career in data.


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