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When it’s mission critical, you can’t risk anything.

There’s a reason why 87% of Fortune Global 100 Companies run on Oracle Exadata. These systems are architected for critical OLTP, complex applications and big data analytics. For you, time is measured in microseconds – and data loss is not an option. Pythian offers a full range of Exadata services, including patching, tuning, upgrades and cloud services. We’ve worked with Oracle Exadata since it’s inception to deliver superior results for the most demanding data challenges.



Our experts become part of your team

Pythian has been supporting Oracle databases on a wide variety of hardware platforms for decades and the Exadata machine since its original version.  Regardless of where or how you run your Oracle Databases and Exadata, Pythian offers flexible ways to work together. Always acting as part of your team, you can leverage Pythian’s collective years of expertise to ensure you get top performance from your mission-critical systems.

Patching flexibility and customization

In addition to providing in-depth knowledge of patching procedures for each unique Exadata and Oracle Database version and deployment type (cloud, cloud at customer, and on-premises), Pythian can customize your entire Oracle Exadata infrastructure patching approach, to consider every level of your infrastructure so nothing is ever missed.

Unparalleled security expertise

Beyond ensuring that common operating system and database security controls are in place – Pythian can help you implement a best-in-class security posture; hardening the Exadata components, the compute node operating systems, and the Oracle Databases.

Deep Oracle Database knowledge

As industry pioneers and thought leaders, Pythian participates in Oracle beta launch programs, customer advisory boards, and partner advisory programs. With Pythian on board, you’ll work with top Oracle certified professionals, who consistently deliver the highest standards of technical competence, client responsiveness, service continuity, reliability, and business value.


Enjoy the benefits of experience

Harness the breadth of Pythian’s experience and turn it to your advantage. Our team of Exadata experts manage Exadata systems ranging from X2 to X9 in a wide range of configurations including Oracle Exadata on-premises and Exadata cloud deployments.

Proven Exadata Experience and Reliability

Lean on our industry-leading expertise

  • No matter your situation, many of our Oracle certified professionals have been patching, tuning, and optimizing Oracle Exadata Databases for over a decade. 


Got Performance?

Demand more from your Exadata

  • Pythian’s optimization services will tailor these machines and your database configurations to maximize performance of OLTP and Analytics workloads.

Security for Oracle Exadata

We’ve got you covered

  • Our experts will help ensure your organization adopts a comprehensive approach to security that helps to protect your Exadata from vulnerabilities. 


Deploy On-Premises or in the Cloud

We support every deployment model

  • Pythian offers a full range of services for Oracle Exadata customers running on-premises, Cloud@Customer, and in hybrid environments with OCI Exadata Cloud Service.

Tailored patching that ensures compliance and saves you money

Quarterly patching updates from Oracle should be an opportunity for continuous improvement, so you get the most out of your Exadata investment.

Oracle Exadata Patching

Pythian’s high value services helped one of the largest medical device companies in the world to limit downtime and increase performance with custom patching services. Now, this company maximizes the value of every Exadata update with specialized patching and query optimization services.


Exadata and OCI

Read how Pythian established, stabilized, managed, and supported this customer’s workload for migration from on-prem to the cloud for Exadata Cloud Service to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and provides tuning and query optimization services to optimize performance.

We’ve got your back every step of the way

UPGRADE – X9M Oracle Exadata Database Machine

Exadata X9M runs Oracle Database with the highest performance, scale, and availability, allowing customers to improve operating efficiency while simplifying management workloads. Pythian’s Exadata experts can help you get the most out of the latest Oracle Exadata Database Machine.

OPTIMIZE – Tuning services to deliver extreme performance with low latency

Oracle’s Exadata Database Machine provides an out-of-the-box increase in performance over traditional database platforms. But, to fully leverage the advanced features of Exadata, a knowledge of traditional SQL performance tuning skills must be combined with specific experience with Exadata.

MANAGE – On premises

For companies who demand maximum data security and database uptime, Exadata on premises solutions provide a single infrastructure environment where you can establish consistent protection policies for sensitive data. Limited access points to monitor and maintain provides ultimate control over your data.

MANAGE – Exadata in the cloud

Exadata has evolved to become a platform for database workloads that can be consumed anywhere, including on premises, in a hybrid cloud model, or 100% cloud native. You can also benefit from Exadata capabilities through Oracle’s Autonomous Cloud database services. Let Pythian help you to architect a strategy that gets solid performance in the cloud.

MODERNIZE – Get the best of cloud on premises

Bring the full cloud experience on premises. You shouldn’t have to compromise Exadata’s inherent transaction throughput, query performance and security when moving to the cloud. Pythian’s expert services can help you realize the benefits of the cloud while meeting strict data sovereignty and on premises security requirements by locating the cloud service in your data center and behind your firewall.

Data Security offerings for your business

Pythian security solutions are specifically tailored and are highly effective in meeting your business objectives.

Master your data with Oracle Exadata Services from Pythian