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Cloudscape podcast episode 5: June 2018

Welcome back to the Cloudscape Podcast! Today on the show we are once again joined by a panel of industry experts: Greg Baker who will be discussing Amazon's AWS, Kartick Sekar discussing the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Warner Chaves discussing Microsoft Azure. In this episode, we discuss new developments from the big three cloud services. We open this discussion with the news of Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub. Although quite an eyebrow-raising turn of events, the panel seems to agree that it would not mean too much change for developers and users. We then cycle through all the updates from Amazon Aurora, BigQuery, CosmosDB, Microsoft’s Always Encrypted and Kubernetes. Our guests also expand on the new details of Stack Driver and Microsoft Kafka. With so much news in the ever-changing field of the cloud, it's a jam-packed show that you are not going to want to miss. Key Points From This Episode: • Microsoft’s recent acquisition of GitHub. • What this acquisition means for developers and users on different operating systems. • Amazon Aurora’s new backtrack feature for correcting missteps. • GCP’s newest development in BigQuery and numeric data types. • Microsoft Azure’s huge step up with Cosmos DB. • A few introductory facts about Cosmos DB for newcomers. • AWS’ news from the EC2 front. • Microsoft’s latest security developments and Always Encrypted. • Quicksight and its pay model for users of different levels. • The latest from Google Kubernetes and its increased performance capabilities. • Amazon’s new integrated authentication logic. • Stack Driver’s advancements in UI and API. • Recapping Microsoft’s Kafka and Azure functions. • This month’s Cloud Age productivity tip! • And much more! Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode: Greg Baker Kartick Sekar Warner Chavez Satya Nadella Amazon Aurora Backtrack Microsoft Build Azure Cosmos DB GCP Spanner Amazon DynamoDB JSON Apache TinkerPop Datascape Episode 12 GCP BigTable Cloudflare Microsoft Always Encrypted Microsoft SQL Server Amazon Quicksight Kubernetes Azure Blockchain Workbench Ethereum Hyperledger Amazon Cognito GCP Stack Driver Microsoft Apache Kafka Microsoft MongoDB Microsoft Cassandra API Amazon Lambda Tim Ferriss Pythian

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