Pythian Achieves Managed Services Provider (MSP) Status

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Feb 16, 2021

More than ever, Pythian is positioned to deliver value to clients using Google Cloud by leveraging our extensive managed service experience.

After passing a rigorous third-party audit requiring the company to demonstrate our end-to-end customer lifecycle service delivery capabilities, Pythian is now a Managed Services Provider (MSP) in the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program.

What does this mean for customers?

During our 23 years of providing 24/7 support in managed database, applications, networking, infrastructure, migration and data analytics services, Pythian has always focused on customer success using our proven Plan-Deploy-Manage methodology.

All this experience puts Pythian in a great place to listen to, and understand, customer needs. Right now many customers have a hybrid approach to the cloud — be that across on-premise and cloud, or across multiple clouds — and they want to more effectively manage their complete estate.

The MSP distinction is an assurance to customers that Pythian can serve as the “Easy Button” they’re looking for; as a proven Google Cloud partner we can provide the expertise they need to plan, deploy and manage their move to Google Cloud.

The newly earned MSP certification demonstrates a continuing commitment to excellence – enabling customers to get the most out of the cloud through Pythian’s provision of:

  •       Hands-on support.
  •       Ongoing workloads management and oversight.
  •       Additional services to optimize the cloud environment.

Business transformation

Pythian has a proven track record helping mid- and large-size organizations transform their business with data using Google Cloud.

Unilog – a successful B2B ecommerce solution-provider – leverages Pythian services on an ongoing basis to continually evaluate and optimize cloud utilization, spending and architecture. Unilog CEO, Suchit Bachalli, says, “Pythian’s understanding of Unilog’s business and systems allows us to be agile while reducing our total operating costs, which is a big win.”

Pythian’s end-to-end services and solutions for Google Cloud span applications, infrastructure, operations management, DevOps and data and analytics, and include:

  •       Creation of flexible and scalable analytics data platforms in Google Cloud.
  •       Cost and performance optimization.
  •       Large-scale automated virtual machine (VM) migration to the cloud.
  •       Architectural design, data modeling, cluster design, backups and disaster recovery.
  •       24×7 monitoring and response.
  •       Performance tuning, patches and upgrades.
  •       Access to Pythian’s 300+ technical experts.
  •       Worldwide support with dedicated support teams.
  •       Flexible long-term contracts, as well as shorter, risk-free trials.

The Pythian difference

Not only does this MSP designation help our customers transform — it also provides impetus for Pythian’s own commitment to ongoing innovation.

Some examples of innovation-in-action at Pythian include:

  • Evaluating the best professional services project-based approaches.
  • Determining the correct mix of software and services for optimal platform management.
  • Striving for a balance between minimizing the cost of moving to, and managing the cloud, while still achieving high quality outcomes.

Pythian’s unique approach, combined with our deep roots in managed services, is based on the following principles:

  1. Love Your Data. This was our tagline long before many people were even talking about data. But data is in our DNA and we have a keen ability to understand what critical data systems require: How do you migrate them? How do you manage them? How do you keep revenue flowing during a move to cloud?
  2. Complete solution focus. As important as the initial move to the cloud is, we also want to make sure the migration is a long-term success and the customer is seeing ROI from their investment and effort. Our plan-deploy-manage approach is a valuable tool to create and sustain success.

Keith Millar, Pythian’s President, says, “The depth of our expertise helps our clients rapidly realize a strong return on cloud investment. Unlike alternative offerings in the market, Pythian is building layers of value-added services on top of the Google Cloud MSP framework. We are actively listening to our customers’ needs, which creates the requirements for these additional services.”

We, at Pythian, are extremely excited to have achieved this Managed Services Provider designation and we look forward to demonstrating how it can benefit your business.

To learn more about Pythian’s Google Cloud managed services, visit

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