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Pythian Earns Data Management Partner Specialization

Here at Pythian, our mission is simple – we want you to love your data.

To ensure our 650+ clients located around the world – spanning industries from SaaS, media and gaming, to financial services, e-commerce and more – keep loving their data, it’s vital for us to keep learning and improving.

Data Management Partner Specialization

By making sure we’re always at our best we can, in turn, offer the best possible customer service and support. Our recent achievement of the Data Management Partner Specialization as part of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage program is just another example of our commitment to deliver digital transformation.

We’re proud to have earned this partner specialization as an acknowledgement of our expertise and success using Google Cloud technology to build customer solutions in the data management field. We’re also excited that this is our eighth Google Cloud Partner specialization.

By adding Data Management to our existing specializations in Cloud Migration, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Infrastructure, Application Development, IoT, and Work Transformation – Enterprise, we’re standing behind our promise to meet the rapidly changing needs of our clients with effective, cutting-edge solutions.

What, specifically, does the Data Management specialization offer? Our clients can be assured of our success in a number of areas, such as:

  • Managing workloads on-premises, in a private cloud or in other public clouds.
  • Expertise with Google Cloud products including Google Cloud SQL, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Bigtable, Firestore, Firebase and Memorystore.
  • Managing migrations from Oracle to Bare Metal Solution (BMS) on Google Cloud.

Customer Success

We have a proven track record of helping mid- and large-size businesses transform their data and stay competitive by providing end-to-end services and solutions for Google Cloud.

Our “Plan-Deploy-Manage” approach enables successful delivery of infrastructure and operations management, automation and DevOps and data and analytics projects.

AllSaints, a major online retailer experienced a seamless migration of its operations from a hybrid cloud environment to Google Cloud supported by Pythian’s data management services. This was the biggest IT infrastructure change in the history of the company. In just the first three months following the move, AllSaints saw the following results:

  • 35 percent improvement in page load speeds.
  • 20 percent increase in online conversions.
  • 75 percent reduction in platform operating costs after eliminating redundant servers.

Dedicated to Improvement

Each Google Cloud Partner Specialization is an accomplishment achieved after meeting rigorous standards, including:

  • Validation and certification of our technical teams’ skillsets.
  • Achieving multiple successful service deliveries.
  • Passing a third-party audit to review processes, design decisions and implementation of several customer deployments.

Investing in the skillsets of our technical teams, expanding our breadth of expertise and continuously striving to deliver customer successes are what drives us as a company. It’s these qualities that have enabled us to achieve this latest Data Management Partner Specialization.

To leverage our expertise and experience, and to learn more about our data, cloud and database services, please contact us today.

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