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Datascape podcast episode 31 – cloud feature updates Feb 2019

Welcome back to the Datascape podcast. On today’s show, we are going to discuss the latest announcements from the leading public cloud vendors with industry experts. We are joined by Pierig LeSaux who will be discussing Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) updates, Warner Chavez who will be discussing the Microsoft Azure updates and last but not least, Kartick Sekar who will be discussing the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) updates.

Today, it’s all about the updates that came out since re:Invent, since our last episode. We took a small break over the festive season, so in today’s episode, we will be covering both the December and January updates. We dive into tons of updates, including new BigQuery features, new file sharing solutions from AWS, updates to Azure database migration services and Microsoft’s cognitive services capabilities, just to highlight a few. So for an in-depth update on all the latest happenings in the Datascape, stay tuned!

Key points from this episode:

• The launch of Microsoft’s Teradata to Azure sequel data warehouse migration guide.
• How the new guide prioritizes all the past elements and does not use any IS elements.
• The new BigQuery features launched, focused towards their user interface.
• Collaboration features where you are able to share your queries with other users.
• Different products in the space such as data prep, notebooks and meta data.
• Updates that made it it easier to sort and printer queries directly from the UI.
• The new file sharing solution from AWS.
• How the product is a true Microsoft branded product.
• Discover what types of files you can share using the product.
• Why it’s a good solution for people with security requirements.
• Hear about interesting Postgres announcements for Azure.
• Microsoft’s purchase of a company called Sidus Data.
• More security updates on the GCP platform – access transparency and approval.
• Backing up on AWS – service level back ups and service level snapshots.
• Updates to the Azure database migration service – increase to combination services.
• What Google cloud identity is and how we can use it.
• Azure’s security center – what it does.
• Certificate management with SSL and TLS.
• Microsoft’s capability of running cognitive services.
• Introducing Feast: an open source feature store for machine learning.
• Google recognized as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.
• Deep mind and Star Craft as a leader in AI games
• And much more!

Links mentioned in today’s episode:

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Warner Chavez
Warner on Twitter
Kartick Sekar
Kartick on LinkedIn
On Prem
Data Prep
Postgres Azure
Maria DB
Gartner Magic Quadrant
Deep Mind

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