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Datascape podcast episode 27 – Oracle Cloud vs. the world

On today’s episode, we are going to take a closer look at the Oracle Cloud and see how Oracle’s cloud strategy stacks up against other cloud offerings. We will also dig deeper and try to understand some of the key technologies that Oracle has to offer. To do so, we have invited two Datascape regulars back on the podcast, Bjoern Rost and Simon Pane. Bjoern is an Oracle ACE Director and one of Pythian’s top Oracle experts. He has been working in IT for 15 years, and because of his love and passion for the Oracle Database, Bjoern has specialized in it and currently works as a Principal Consultant at Pythian. Our other guest, Simon, is an accomplished Principal Consultant, who has developed a multitude of complex solutions for Pythian clients. Simon is an Oracle ACE and Oracle Certified Professional and has experience with literally thousands of database environments at hundreds of client sites ranging from small single database implementations to large corporate enterprises. Stay tuned as we discuss the array of products that Oracle has to offer, how they integrate with Oracle Cloud, how they relate to other cloud offerings and which is best for your specific software needs. All this and more inside today’s episode.

Key points from this episode:

• Discover more about how the Oracle Cloud works.
• The two different clouds offered by Oracle; Classic and OCI.
• Learn how Oracle positions their cloud as not being “locked-in”.
• Key technologies offered by the Oracle Cloud.
• Why Oracle Cloud is the best place to run more complicated Oracle platforms.
• Understand why Oracle Cloud is not really for the home hobbyist.
• The value proposition for clients to use Oracle Cloud.
• What the Autonomous Data Warehouse is, and what it really isn’t.
• The rise of autonomous features within Oracle products.
• Why there is a lack of interest from younger folks and students in Oracle.
• Languages and API’s used on Oracle Cloud for automation.
• The lack of standardization and integration between Oracle products.
• Learn more about the migration services available with Oracle Cloud.
• Hybrid options for running the database partly on-prem, partly in the Oracle Cloud.
• The main areas of interest for customers of the Oracle Cloud.
• Exploring the decision criteria for a typical Oracle database installation.
• Understanding licensing in the Oracle Cloud.
• And much more!

Links mentioned in today’s episode:

Bjoern Rost
Bjoern on Twitter
Simon Pane
Simon on Twitter
Oracle Database
Oracle Cloud
Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud service
Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Amazon Web Service (AWS)
Oracle Exadata
Azure Data Warehouse
Oracle Data Guard
Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
Oracle OpenWorld 2018
Oracle Developer Cloud service
Event Hub Cloud Service
Oracle Code
Oracle Developers Portal
J.D. Edwards
Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)
Cost management (expenditure alerts) in the Oracle Cloud


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