How to Improve Healthcare Security With Google Chrome Security

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Aug 5, 2020

The healthcare industry has become a huge target for cybercrime due to the overwhelming amount of critical patient information. To protect your patients and staff, the tech you use must have the highest level of security. Chrome Enterprise is widely considered to be the most secure operating system, with security built-in at every level.

Google Chrome: The Security Suite

Chrome devices are security suites, meaning you don’t have to install anything. In fact, you can’t. The only tools available for installation are Chrome extensions, web apps, and Android apps that have all been checked through the Android or Google Play store. Users are unable to install nefarious software, making Chrome inherently secure for healthcare environments.

Chrome Is More Secure for the Healthcare Environment

The healthcare industry is heavily audited with a ton of compliance requirements to follow. Not all browsers are created equal when it comes to security. Out of the gate, Google Chrome is already secured and ready to deploy. It’s HIPAA compliant, as well as HITRUST and CSF-certified. The browser also meets ISO/IEC 2700 series standards, the guiding principles of healthcare management.

Automatic Updates

Updates that keep your devices secure are already included in Chrome. Every six weeks or so, Google will roll out necessary updates for all devices. Better yet, these updates occur in the background while users work, resulting in zero downtime. There’s no need to take down a patient room for software updates. Plus, users will be unable to continuously put off updates, an action that can result in dangerous holes in security.

Managed Guest Sessions

Healthcare organizations must use virtual desktops such as Citrix or VMware to secure critical patient and health data. Chrome Enterprise provides an added layer of security through managed guest sessions. Nothing during a session is stored on the local device. Once users close their session, it’s wiped completely from the device, resulting in a brand-new machine ready for the next individual.

Google Admin Console

All Chrome devices within a hospital or healthcare organization’s network can be managed from a single Google Admin Console, allowing admins to centrally manage all security policies and tasks. This means risk mitigation happens quickly and security concerns can often be prevented.

Improve the Security of Your Healthcare Industry with Google Chrome

Chrome Enterprise is more secure for any, heavily-audited healthcare environment. It’s an out-of-the-box solution that requires no extra steps for secure use. To learn more about Chrome Enterprise send us a message .

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