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Next-Gen Supply Chain Solutions Provider Improves Search Accuracy Using GenAI

Pythian helped the company integrate Generative AI capabilities, made easy with Vertex AI Search and Conversation on multiple data sources in their internal Google Sites, creating an app to index HTML content and training new users on the platform’s extensive features.


Solutions: Google Cloud
Platform: Google Cloud Platform
Industry: Manufacturing and logistics software


Santa Barbara, USA

The company, a provider of next-generation manufacturing and supply chain software solutions in the cloud, sought a better way for employees to search for internal documents. To achieve this, the company was interested in exploring Vertex AI and Conversation but needed a partner who could help. 

What we did

Pythian partnered with the company to help test Vertex AI Search and Conversation on five internal Google Sites: Human Resources, Finance, IT Help Desk (Internal & External), and Legal. Pythian had built a trusted relationship with the company, as they had worked together on previous engagements. Pythian identified and provided a custom solution to implement the project and trained the employees on effectively using Vertex AI Search and Conversation.


Technologies used

  • Vertex AI Search and Conversation 
  • Google Cloud
  • App Engine
  • Identity-Aware Proxy
  • Cloud IAM
  • Google Cloud Storage
  • Google Takeout

Key Outcomes

The project exceeded the established criteria. Vertex AI Search and Conversation:

  • Improved overall search accuracy, as it provided precise responses to queries and excluded false information
  • Connected and related correlating copy (e.g., blending information from the IT Help Desk and related applicable information from Human Resources)
  • Resulted in employees becoming more productive due to the speed at which they could answer questions

The organization is now confident it can implement a more robust version of Vertex AI Search and Conversation that would tap into future updates from Google. They were also encouraged that Pythian would be able to help with training on future AI-related technologies.

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