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Got containers? Get speed, security, & performance.

Manage your infrastructure for speed and performance and achieve faster software releases with Managed Kubernetes as a Service.


Our certified experts are at your service

Our certified Kubernetes administrators and experts can help you deploy, maintain, and support infrastructure and container-based workloads, reducing the risk and challenges of doing it yourself.  


Get worry-free operations 

24/7 management lets you rest easy

Our teams take care of monitoring, optimization, upgrades, and more

Automation and optimization keep you on top

You’ll improve deployment speed, performance, and security of your workloads 

Leverage our broad expertise  

Work with the best cloud

We can deploy using leading cloud services including Google Cloud GKE, Azure AKS, and AWS EKS 

Work with the best experts

Our Certified Kubernetes Administrators and cloud-certified experts are here for you


See how our Managed Kubernetes as a Service can work for you

Global fashion retailer boosts online conversions and cuts costs through a seamless cloud migration 

AllSaints, a British fashion retailer operating in 27 countries, needed to migrate its operations from a hybrid cloud environment to Google Cloud. Pythian planned and coordinated a “big bang” migration, with all steps completed in less than a week.


Helping you every step of the way

We can help you run high-availability operations 24/7 with Kubernetes deployments optimized at scale, whether your workloads are on-premise or in the cloud.  

Plan your move with Kubernetes & Cloud Advisory

We’re with you from the outset as our certified experts help you plan your Kubernetes implementation. 

Lower costs with Performance Optimization

You’ll lower cloud and management costs with Kubernetes in complex environments. 

Keep on running with Break/Fix Support 

Your business keeps going as we detect and remediate issues quickly with our advanced monitoring and alerting tools. 

Work uninterrupted with Non-disruptive Upgrades 

You’ll keep high availability as we keep you updated without service disruption 

Stay always up with Kubernetes Failover and CI/CD 

You’ll introduce new Kubernetes features quickly with high availability — through continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) — using our velocity of change software pipeline and change velocity processes.

Leverage the best with Kubernetes Architecture Development 

You’ll be using the best Kubernetes and cloud technologies to meet your current and future needs.  

Get speed, security, and performance with Pythian Managed Kubernetes as a Service