Datascape Podcast Episode 46: Recapping Re:Invent 2020 With Apoorva

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Feb 22, 2021

Episode 46: Show Notes

The recent AWS re:Invent conference came with a barrage of updates and releases that have innovated what we can do on the cloud. Today we welcome Pythian Cloud Architect, Apoorva Wathodkar to recap our top highlights from the event.

After sharing details about his background, Apoorva dives straight into the AWS latest, touching on how they’ve expanded into new regions and opened new AWS wavelength zones. We discuss the ECS and EKS Anywhere announcement, before looking into how these products compare with similar services within the data center ecosystem.

We also talk about how Amazon is offering chaos engineering as a service, increases to Lambda functionality and updates to Amazon 3 and AWS glue, as well as how the Babelfish service makes it easier to migrate apps from a SQL server to PostgreSQL. As should be expected from any re:Invent conversation, we then look at changes to Redshift. Later, we chat about how SageMaker Data Wrangler provides a dedicated pipeline for prepping machine learning data and how DevOps Guru can improve your app’s operational performance and availability.

We wrap up our insightful discussion by asking Apoorva a series of lightning-round questions. Tune in to stay up to date with the latest in cloud computing.

Key points from this episode:
  • Apoorva shares details about his professional background.
  • We talk about the recently added AWS regions.
  • Why Amazon is adding secondary regions in areas where they’re already established.
  • Hear about the new AWS wavelength zones.
  • Insights into the ECS and EKS Anywhere announcement.
  • What chaos engineering is, and how AWS aims to provide it as a service.
  • How the introduction of OSX on EC2 instances can impact your app building.
  • The huge increase in Lambda functionality.
  • Innovations introduced in the latest updates of Amazon S3 and AWS Glue.
  • How Babelfish enables your app to talk to the PostgreSQL database as if it was a SQL server database.
  • We explore the implications of the Redshift updates.
  • How SageMaker Data Wrangler improves data preparation for machine learning.
  • The aim of DevOps Guru in boosting your app’s availability.
  • Using QuickSight Q to generate business insights from natural language inputs.
  • How AWS Cloud Shell plugs an important hole in AWS offerings.
  • Apoorva answers our lightning round questions.

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