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Datascape Podcast Episode 43 – July 2020 Cloud Updates

Welcome to the July 2020 episode of the Datascape Cloud Update Podcast. This is the podcast where we distill the latest Cloud announcements from the leading public Cloud vendors and help to inform you about what matters and what to pay attention to. Our format is a casual interactive discussion with industry experts, and today’s guests are Pierig LeSaux and Stephane Frechette. In this episode, we discuss all of the recent Google Cloud Platform updates you need to know about, including BigQuery’s security updates following their 10th anniversary. We also discuss lambda and AWS updates, including the Amazon Elastic File System (EFS), AWS CodeArtifact, and Amazon Keyspaces. Stephane explains all of the stream analytic updates on Google Cloud Platform, and we discuss cross-platform replicas for Cloud SQL, change data capture (CDC), Dataproc Hub, and DataStax Astra. Further Amazon enhancements and updates include the AWS Elemental Link device, Amazon Macie, Amazon Kendra, AWS Glue, AWS Transfer, and further AWS developments in Canada. Finally, we’re talking events moving online thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on Google Cloud Next ’20: OnAir, and Stephane shares a little about his GDG Cloud Ottawa Meetup, which is an ongoing online event. Tune in for all this and more about the July 2020 Cloud Updates!

Key Points From This Episode:

• BigQuery’s security updates, including table-level access control or table ACL.
• New lambda functions features, including mounting the Amazon Elastic File System (EFS).
• Cross-region replicas for Cloud SQL and what it enables for MySQL and PostgreSQL.
• What’s new about AWS CodeArtifact and how it competes with third-party products.
• DataStax Cassandra as a service called Datastax Astra on Google Cloud Platform.
• Amazon Keyspaces as Amazon’s iteration of Apache Cassandra and its serverless functions.
• Stephane explains all of the stream analytic updates on Google Cloud Platform.
• Moving data from MySQL to BigQuery with change data capture (CDC).
• The AWS Elemental Link device for video streaming and how it works.
• Enhancements to data loss protection service, Amazon Macie, including a 90% price drop.
• Pierig describes Amazon Kendra, a search engine indexer for your applications.
• What Dataproc is and how Dataproc Hub is more flexible and customizable.
• Streaming updates to AWS Glue and AWS Transfer, and more AWS services in Canada.
• The changes Google Cloud Next has made due to the pandemic, introducing Next ’20: OnAir.
• Stephane talks about the online meetup, Live with Google Cloud Developer Relations.
• Stephane explains GDG Cloud Ottowa, which he co-runs.
• And much more!

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

Stephane Frechette

Pierig Le Saux

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Amazon Elastic File System (EFS)

Cross-region Read Replicas for Cloud SQL

AWS CodeArtifact

DataStax Astra

Amazon Keyspaces

Google Cloud Platform Dataflow CDC Templates on Github

AWS Elemental Link

Amazon Macie

Amazon Kendra

Dataproc Hub

AWS Glue

AWS Transfer

Google Cloud Next ’20: OnAir

Live with Google Could Developer Relations

GDG Cloud Ottawa

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