Log buffer #551: a carnival of the vanities for DBAs

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Jul 20, 2018

This log buffer edition covers Cloud, Oracle and MySQL. Cloud Artificial intelligence ( AI) and machine learning (ML) are gaining momentum in the healthcare industry, especially in healthcare imaging. The Amazon SageMaker approach to ML presents promising potential in the healthcare field. ML is considered a horizontal enabling layer applicable across industries. For years, companies have had to set up their own local databases and maintain the hardware themselves. However, as the cloud infrastructure continues to improve, there’s far less need to own and manage your own hardware. One of the biggest trends in application development today is the use of APIs to power the backend technologies supporting a product. Increasingly, the way mobile, IoT, web applications, or internal services talk to each other and to application frontends is using some API interface. It’s incredible how much and how rapidly technology evolves. Microsoft’s server technology is no exception. We entered the 2008 release cycle with a shift from 32-bit to 64-bit computing, the early days of server virtualization and advanced analytics. Many of our customers with hybrid cloud environments rely on VMware software on-premises. They want to simplify provisioning and enable end-user self service. At the same time, they also want to make sure they’re complying with IT policies and following IT best practices. Oracle This post is about how to modify SQLDeveloper connections using Ansible. Knowing where log files are and how to turn on debugging is an essential part of any technical job and this goes for Power BI, too. Jason Straub writes about removing prior versions of APEX in a PDB. Uwe Hesse shares an easy way to create large demo-tables in Exasol and Oracle. In case you have a small application where development, test and maybe also production environment are on the same database and your applications in this environment distinguish only by the application IDs. MySQL While Big Data is being used across the globe by companies to solve their analytical problems, sometimes it becomes a hassle to extract data from a bunch of data sources, do the necessary transformation and then eventually load it into an analytical platform such as Hadoop or something else. The X DevAPI is the common client-side API used by all connectors to abstract the details of the X Protocol. It specifies the common set of CRUD-style functions/methods used by all the official connectors to work with both document store collections and relational tables. If you’re reading consumer SSD reviews and using them to estimate SSD performance under database workloads, you’d better stop. Databases are not your typical consumer applications and they do not use IO in the same way. There are multiple ways to configure session handling in the Connector. The three main modes are Bridge, Proxy/Direct and Proxy/SmartScale. ClusterControl 1.6.2 introduces new exciting Backup Management as well as Security & Compliance features for MySQL & PostgreSQL, support for MongoDB v 3.6 … and more!

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