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What to expect at ProxySQL Technology Day in Ghent

On October 3rd ProxySQL will have it's very first technology day . They have chosen the lovely city of Ghent, Belgium, my home town, as the place to be. For those attending Percona Live Europe in Amsterdam, this is a great opportunity to extend your stay for a bit and take a two-hour train ride from the Percona Live venue at Amsterdam airport to Ghent where you can get some additional ProxySQL-specific content. The ProxySQL team has selected a few experienced speakers to come and talk about their product. Vlad Fedorkov from ProxySQL LLC will have two sessions. The first one will be about High Performance MySQL and the second one will be about traffic management and performance troubleshooting. Oracle's MySQL Community Manager, Frederic Descamps, will talk about using ProxySQL with InnoDB Cluster (Group Replication) and Percona's Marco Tusa will talk about combining ProxySQL with Galera Cluster. After all these incredible speakers, I will come and present "How to combine ProxySQL and Orchestrator to eliminate single-points-of-failure in your MySQL HA cluster". In this session, I will be considering a standard asynchronous MySQL replication topology. We'll go and analyze how we can eliminate single points of failure in the technology stack and how we can avoid network partitioning issues. We will use Orchestrator to help us achieve master high availability and we will use ProxySQL to redirect application traffic to the appropriate MySQL servers. Closing the day, there will be a round table discussion with all speakers and attendees. During that discussion, Pythian will be sponsoring pizzas for the hungry! Not to be missed! The event is free, but the venue has a maximum capacity so registration is mandatory. Tickets are going out quickly, so register soon.

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