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Pythian Life: We Love Data (2)

Pride at Pythian Featured Image

Pride at Pythian

At Pythian, one of our core values is We Respect. Because we are a team of over 450 employees based...

Namaskaram from Hyderabad! Featured Image

Namaskaram from Hyderabad!

This month’s postcard comes from southern India, where Pythian foodie Rohith Kumar supports...

Bună from Romania! Featured Image

Bună from Romania!

Think project management is all routine budgeting and scheduling? In this month’s postcard, Andrei...

From Cambridge to West London Featured Image

From Cambridge to West London

This month’s postcard is from West London, United Kingdom, where a charismatic Oliver Lee-Stevens...

From Lake Simcoe to Oakville Featured Image

From Lake Simcoe to Oakville

Curious about data visualization? Think it’s all about geekdom? In this latest edition of Pythian...

The Pythian Talent Community

Welcome to our round up of everything new and exciting going on at Pythian! This blog post series...

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