7 Best Practices for Preparing Your Database for Black Friday

7 Tips for Preparing Your Database for Black Friday

Black Friday and its online equivalent, Cyber Monday, are a month away, which means retailers are busy gearing up for a four-day shopping frenzy—kicking off a holiday season that, for many, accounts for 20-40% of their annual revenues. Last year, 247 million customers spent $59.5 billion on Black Friday alone. 47.5% of those purchases were…

EMCLI Opens Windows for OEM Interaction

Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c rel.3 not only comes with EMCLI in interactive and scripting mode, but also opens ways to interact with OEM through building a custom GUI. Using Jython with Java Swing libraries can bring EMCLI usage to a new level. Just imagine developing an application that will communicate with the OMS server and…

MSDB – Cleanup is necessary

Recently I have been asked to work on the task which is to reduce the size of a MSDB database. The MSDB has grown to 20 Gigs. Well, you would say, what is the big deal with that? 20 Gigs is not considered big for a database. Correct, but for MSDB, it is. So, the…

Options for Tracing Oracle dbms_stats

Sometimes autotask statistics gathering does not work as expected. A couple of things complicate troubleshooting:
1) DBMS_STATS is an Oracle supplied package
2) Autotask jobs seem to defy some of the accepted tracing methods.
This article details how to get useful tracing from DBMS_STATS
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Oozing Caribou

Meet Oozie’s Workflows Oozie is a workflow scheduler for Hadoop, but that’s not terribly important right now. What is important is that it defines its workflows using an XML dialect. And as all XML things go, the result is… shall we say, less than easy on the eyes and the typing fingers.

PalominoDB in Argentina & India in Fall of 2013

It will be a busy Fall season for the staff at PalominoDB as we will be sponsoring and speaking at two major international conferences. First up is the MYSQL NOSQL & Cloud Expo in Buenos Aires, Argentina, OCT 15-16 2013. PalominoDB CTO Jay Edwards & DBA Emanuel Calvo will be featured speakers at this 2nd…

UDM is watching you, UDMs

With time monitoring of several thousand targets of different versions and on different operating systems accumulates additional checks and user-defined metrics for specific requirements. With the presence of a dozen super administrator accounts, the Oracle Enterprise Manager environment demands specific monitoring so that checks that were customized and configured for certain targets are not lost….

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