Author: Maris Elsins

The getMOSPatch V2 Is Here!

Maris Elsins, Lead Database Consultant at Pythian, Oracle ACE & OC announces a new version of the tool getMOSPatch V2.

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Internals of Querying the Concurrent Requests’ Queue – Revisited for R12.2

Internal workflow of a concurrent manager process

Maris Elsins, Lead Database Consultant at Pythian, Oracle ACE & OCM, revisits the internals of querying the concurrent requests’ queue for R12.2.

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Is Oracle Smart Flash Cache a “SPOF”?

Maris Elsins, Lead Database Consultant at Pythian, Oracle ACE & OCM, explores whether the failure of a solid-state device used by Oracle Smart Flash Cache affects the availability of the database.

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Handling the Leap Second – Linux

Leap Second

Last week I published a blog post titled “Are You Ready For the Leap Second?“, and by looking at the blog statistics I could tell that many of you read it, and that’s good, because you became aware of the…

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Are you Ready for the Leap Second?


If you’re not aware of what the leap second is look into it. The fact is, this year the last minute of June 30th will be one second longer and “June 30, 2015 23:59:60” will be a valid and correct time….

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Using the ILOM for Troubleshooting on ODA

I worked on root cause analysis for a strange node reboot on client’s Oracle Database Appliance yesterday. The case was quite interesting from the perspective that none of the logs contained any information related to the cause of the reboot….

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Do AWR Reports Show the Whole Picture?

AWR report is a great source of aggregated information on top activities happening in our databases. I use data collected in AWR quite often, and obviously the easiest way of getting the data out from the AWR is by running the…

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My Experience at UKOUG Tech13

UKOUG Tech13 was great! Not only because of the amount of interesting presentations to choose from, but also because of the surrounding events. I felt this conference was quite different from previous UKOUG Oracle Technology & E-Business Suite events in…

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How to download patches from My Oracle Support (MOS) directly to the server? This has bothered me since the ftp access was closed a few years ago. Of course, I’ve been given some options by Oracle, like, I could access…

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Meaning of “Disk Reads” Values in DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT

This post relates to my previous writing on mining the AWR. I noticed that it’s very easy to misinterpret the DISK_READS_TOTAL and DISK_READS_DELTA columns in DBA_HIST_SQLSTAT. Let’s see what the documentation says: DISK_READS_TOTAL – Cumulative number of disk reads for…

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