SQLTeach Toronto: Almost Here

Toronto SQLTeach conference is now only a few weeks away. This conference includes quite a few interesting SQL Server-related sessions, on topics ranging from best practices, to performance, to some of the new SQL Server 2008 features.

11i Forms Load-Balancing Using JServ

I ran into an 11i E-Business Suite instance which is using Apache/JServ to do forms load-balancing. Here is quick sketch of the instance architecture, a brief overview on how forms load-balancing happens in above architecture, and me more technical details — basically, the XML tags in the Context XML file in APPL_TOP that need to be edited.

The Ingres Vultures Descend

If Ingres thinks they can win customers over by swooping in when a controversy is happening, they are way more evil than I would ever have guessed. It’s not good business practice to do this kind of thing — it is cold, calculated, uncalled for, and just plain wrong. There is so much else that bothered me about the e-mail I received, so I will just copy it here for full context for readers.

Alex Gorbachev at COLLABORATE 08

I guess I have only one and a half posts about COLLABORATE 08 this year. It’s a bit unfortunate that I couldn’t make the whole conference, but only last day-and-a-half. In addition, I’ve been speaking at the two lasts slots of the conference so it’s been quite busy for me. I hope this one long blog post will be accepted in place of several smaller ones.

DBD::Oracle 1.21 Released

The latest release of DBD::Oracle is now ready and can be found at: CPAN DBD::Oracle. It is a Perl module that works with the DBI module to provide access to Oracle databases. The release has been fully tested with the latest version of DBI (1.601). I also included a list of the changes and/or fixes in this release.

A Match Made in Heaven? The Social Graph and the Database

Taking a look at the social graph and what it means for the database. The social graph; at it’s heart it’s about people and their connections, learning about people who are in your world, can be a powerful tool for accelerating the use of an application. “The social graph has transformed a seemingly simple application such as photos into something tremendously more powerful.” We’re interested about what people are saying about us, and about our friends. Social applications are compelling.

Liveblogging: Who is the Dick on My Site?

How do you prove to a website who you are? It’s not what you give to the site, but what the site knows about you! If you have a good eBay rating, can you take that over to Craigslist? What we want in Identity 2.0 is a way to make identity user-centric, not site-centric, so a person can move their identity around. How do we solve this you ask.

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