The Butterfly Effect

If you check out the “Butterfly Effect” on Wikipedia, you’ll find a rather interesting reference to, “sensitive dependence on initial conditions in chaos theory.” Fascinating use of phrase that probably doesn’t mean much to normal people until it happens to you. I could give you lots of theoretical examples, but perhaps a real-life one will make more sense.

Identifying SQL Execution Bottlenecks Scientifically

A few days ago, a developer and I had an interesting conversation. The developer was trying to tune an expensive SQL statement, using a trial-and-error method. After looking at his method in amusement, I showed him how to identify and tune SQL statements scientifically, and decided to blog about it. Let’s look at a simple case and then proceed to slightly more complex versions.

A Challenge to MySQL Employees

I present a challenge to MySQL employees who have derived tangible benefits from the sale to Sun: what percentage have you put back into the MySQL community, and how? I’d love to see comments on what folks are doing, even without percentages of money and such, because I am willing to wager that most of the folks who work for MySQL give plenty back to the community on non-company time. My theory is based on the fact that most MySQLers that I’ve met do not see working at MySQL as “their job”, they see it as “I get paid to do what I love doing, and would do anyway.”

DBD::Oracle and Instant Client

I have just managed to get DBD::Oracle to successfully compile, install, and test with the Instant Client (IC) on a Linux (32bit) OS. It seems Oracle, in its wisdom, has changed the folder structure yet again, so to get it to compile, try this….

EXPLAIN Cheatsheet

At the 2008 MySQL Conference and Expo, The Pythian Group gave away EXPLAIN cheatsheets. They were very nice, printed in full color and laminated to ensure you can spill your coffee* on it and it will survive.

SQLTeach Toronto: Almost Here

Toronto SQLTeach conference is now only a few weeks away. This conference includes quite a few interesting SQL Server-related sessions, on topics ranging from best practices, to performance, to some of the new SQL Server 2008 features.

11i Forms Load-Balancing Using JServ

I ran into an 11i E-Business Suite instance which is using Apache/JServ to do forms load-balancing. Here is quick sketch of the instance architecture, a brief overview on how forms load-balancing happens in above architecture, and me more technical details — basically, the XML tags in the Context XML file in APPL_TOP that need to be edited.

The Ingres Vultures Descend

If Ingres thinks they can win customers over by swooping in when a controversy is happening, they are way more evil than I would ever have guessed. It’s not good business practice to do this kind of thing — it is cold, calculated, uncalled for, and just plain wrong. There is so much else that bothered me about the e-mail I received, so I will just copy it here for full context for readers.

Alex Gorbachev at COLLABORATE 08

I guess I have only one and a half posts about COLLABORATE 08 this year. It’s a bit unfortunate that I couldn’t make the whole conference, but only last day-and-a-half. In addition, I’ve been speaking at the two lasts slots of the conference so it’s been quite busy for me. I hope this one long blog post will be accepted in place of several smaller ones.

DBD::Oracle 1.21 Released

The latest release of DBD::Oracle is now ready and can be found at: CPAN DBD::Oracle. It is a Perl module that works with the DBI module to provide access to Oracle databases. The release has been fully tested with the latest version of DBI (1.601). I also included a list of the changes and/or fixes in this release.

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